Supervisory Body

The guarantor of the implementation of the Model

The Supervisory body (in Italian: Organismo di Vigilanza, or OdV) is assigned the role of guarantor, therefore it must control the Code of Ethics and in general of the Organisation and Management Model, initially having to examine any possible violations and then informing the relative Functions of results of the controls for the adoption of adequate fines.

Whoever is aware of or is reasonably convinced of the existence of a violation of the Code, of a specific law or of company procedures, is obliged to immediately inform their manager and the OdV.  The warning should be made in writing and not in an anonymous form.

ECB implements all necessary instruments so that all of those that carry out a report are protected from any kind of retaliation, seen as an act that may result in forms of discrimination or penalisation (for example, interruption of relations with partners, suppliers, consultants etc; denial of promotion to employees).

For this reason confidentiality of the identity of the reporting individual is guaranteed, without prejudice to legal obligations. Every flow of information should be sent to the e-mail address created specifically for this reason:

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